The ULTIMATE Cape York Camping & Safari Expedition

A Little Bit About Us

Welcome to my back yard, Cape York Australia. I can’t wait to take you on a trip of a lifetime to experience what I take for granted every day: the pristine water ways filled with territorial saltwater crocodiles, the strength of the amazing birds of prey, the hard fighting Barramundi and Saratoga, the massive wild tusky boars and the dangerous feral Scrub bulls that have no fear… they’re all part of my daily lifestyle on a Cape York Cattle Station, are you game to spend some time with me?

Our Cape York Safaris have been operating on the Cape York Peninsula since 2000, our professional team of guides and cooks have extensive knowledge of the wildlife and the area.

Our Features

Scrub Bulls


Scrub Bulls Have No Fear.

They are born in the wild with no predators except for the Saltwater Crocodile

They are the number one land based animal in Cape York.

The Scrub bull has no fear of humans, so will charge if feels threatened.

It will test the big game hunter weighting from 700 to 1,000kg using only large calibers rifles.

This is pure adrenalin.

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Massive Boars


You will not find better Tusky Boars.

Our hunting area in Cape York is the number one spot for tusky boars in Australia.

Due to the untouched genetics and hard country we are proud to say we have the best.

All the top trophy hunters in our beautiful country pay to experience what Cape York Safaris can provide.

We have your trophy boar wall mount that you’ve been waiting for.

All you have to do is hunt it.

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Best Estuary Fishing

Barramundi and Saratoga are widely regarded as Australia's premier native sports fish.

Cape York’s Safaris offers excellent opportunities to target theirs much sought after species.

The same water ways inhabit Salt Water Crocodiles, Johnson Crocodiles, Bream, Tarpon, Sooty Grunter and many more.

So, whether you are chasing a massive barramundi fix, a tussle with the huge Saratoga or a range of estuary species... the opportunities are limitless.

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