Red Stag Package

Red Stag Hunts South East Queensland

Hunting Red stag in Australia: During the rut they will ‘roar’, wallow and fight aggressively to attract a harem of females and chase off rivals. This is a good time to hunt them as they can be located and even called in. They typically prefer light forested terrain that gives cover and visibility. They prefer flight to hiding. Spotting is done across valleys and stalks can be longer than with other species. Our Red Deer or Red Stag Hunting in Queensland Australia are a 4-day hunt for groups of up to 4 hunters.

On any of these properties you could expect to take Trophies of 30″ to 36″ in length and a minimum of 10 points. Clients participating in this hunt may fly to Brisbane and be driven to the hunting destination or drive to where they would be met prior to driving to the property.

Supplied during this hunt is pick up and return to Brisbane Airport, Food, Accommodation, Trophy Preparation. Alcohol is not supplied and must be purchased prior to leaving to hunting destination. Clients will be required to bring binoculars, day pack, sleeping bag, water canteen, rain coat and personal items such as cameras, toiletry ect.

  • Price for 1×1 Red Deer Hunt is $2860
  • Price for 2×1 Red Deer Hunt is $2640 per hunter for groups of 2 or more.

Trophy Fee of $550 is included in this price. Extra Trophies are available at $550 each. (price includes all food, accommodation, pick-up & return to Brisbane Airport *price inc GST)